Mike D. Account Manager


“I have been living the Keto Lifestyle for 3 years now. During this time I have made or purchased just about every item I have come across. The Pecan Shortbread is the best Keto Cookie I have ever eaten. It delivers on great flavor, texture, and doesn’t have a bad aftertaste (or cooling sensation). I recommend this cookie to any and all that are considering Keto or just watching Carb intake.”


Bryan J.Co-founder & CEO


"Ideation has been an excellent partner in growing our baked goods business. We've worked with several co-manufacturers over the years, and HIdeation provides superior service, R&D expertise, and production capabilities. They've worked with us to develop recipe formulations leveraging consumer and data driven insights, resulting in delicious products that our customers love. We're confident that we'll be able to grow and scale our business with Ideation as a trusted and committed partner."


Austin G. Founder


"Working with Ideation has been phenomenal and we are blessed to have them as a partner. Their staff is friendly and they produce high quality, consistent products. Their R&D team too has been a huge benefit to our business and has allowed us to quickly develop new products to be more competitive within the space."


Jeanne S. Founder


"Working with Ideation has been nothing shy of wonderful. What I can honestly say is they care about their partners, the integrity of their work and wants everyone to be successful. My partnership with Ideation has been supportive and fruitful and has taken me to the next level!"